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Executive Performance Consulting

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You have now entered the Executive Performance Services section of our performance consultancy firm. We work primarily throughout the United States and the United Kingdom delivering innovative and proven techniques designed to advance your goals.


Here we offer executive performance services aimed towards developing business leaders and empowering individuals to maximize on life's potentials and opportunities.


"Shoulda-Coulda-Woulda's" are not the focus.

Helping you to keep progressing forwarded with life's goals are what we focus on. Character and honesty in leadership matters. We focus our clients on embracing and making purposeful life changes. Whether facing a career change, change in relationship (s), overcoming a major life trauma, illness -- or just wanting to find yourself in a situation more compatible with the way you wish to live life, we partner with our clientèle to help them more clearly understand who they are. We work through the development of  goals set to achieve what they truly desire in life. Through support, motivation, goal setting, accountability and honesty, we truly help our clientèle achieve their fullest potential possible


We provide a defined collection of targeted services geared towards the enhancement of performance. Our outcomes produce sustainability, leadership, a willing culture, efficient communications, increased profitability, and societal responsibilities of individuals, businesses, governments, and of the people who comprise them. "A Mouth-Full" but, we are here to help you maintain total control and domination over your professional and personal environments.


The Lovejoy & Associates Difference

As as your Executive Performance Consultancy Firm: our Services are geared to assist individuals and organizations to improve, obtain results quickly and efficiently. Our clients include Individuals, Small Businesses, Non-Profits, Business Executives, Government Agencies, and Politicians.


Over a period of time the structure of the consulting can provide you with results you thought were impossible. Our expertise is performance through developing strategic processes & leadership development.


Our Philosophy

Our approach is centered upon you, making things happen, your goals, and your future fulfillment. What are the key issues, what are the obstacles and how can they be resolved now. We ask our clients to think big, think “out-of-the-box” and then we work out the plan with you to keep you moving forward towards making the desired results happen.


Our Methods

Executive Performance Consulting is not for everyone, it is challenging and there will be moments when you'll wonder what you got yourself into. However in the end, all of our clients have had no regrets once they’ve started to experience the extraordinary results that happen within a very short period of time.



What Do We Offer?



Executive Performance Consulting:

Lovejoy & Associates delivers a tailored custom built Executive Enrichment program suited to the busy business executive. Measuring and achieving positive leadership and management results is what you’ve come to expect – helping you to deliver those expectations are what we’re known to do.


Being a busy executive places you in very high stressful situations with both career and relationships (personal relationships or not). Traditional and self-administered methods used in learning how to cope with these situations can place even more pressure/stress on your relief valve. Here to we can demonstrate cleaver alternatives to help release the pressure while making achieving your stated goals more pleasurable.


Whether you are the seasoned or the new executive leadership/management skills development are key to success in business. We can help also by providing consulting/mentoring leadership skills suited for your business environment that target the individual executive, established or new.


Below are some additional suggested areas where we can help:

  • Career/Work
  • New Executive Development
  • Family/Friends
  • Political Advancements/Career
  • Business/Leadership
  • Creativity
  • Effective Time Management
  • Confidence Building
  • Becoming Unstuck
  • etc…


Additionally Executive Performance Consulting services can help you to:

  • Maintain and improve life balance
  • Build and influence Relationships
  • Increase motivation
  • Emotional Intelligence (EI) Awareness
  • Develop life-skills
  • Increase Income
  • Develop self-motivating goals and strategies
  • etc…


Self-Crisis Management:

Everyone has been there; the project needed to be completed ASAP and you can't bring yourself to start, the relationship needed to be sorted through, or the ever popular, too much to do in such a short time. It's all about finding the most effective tools to help you to regain control over these driving events. Learning how to maintain influence over events you can exercise control over and deciding when steering events you cannot control onto those who have control or parking them for solution at another time.


Truly knowing what resources are available to you while in crisis, marshaling them and delivering them appropriately where needed will define the difference between a great effective leader and a marginal one within the business world.


Lovejoy & Associates can quickly come to your aid to deploy the tools you need to help you work your way through the crisis at-hand.



How Do Executive Performance Consulting Services Work?

It is a series of sessions launched over a period of time. Typically the series runs for a minimum of 12 weeks with a session each week plus telephone and/or e-mail support. Although the frequency and time frame are flexible, it is best if sessions are tailored per individual.


Depending on the goal the series of sessions may last for a shorter or longer period of time if required, alternatively most clients find the experience so rewarding that with any unused balance of time available they choose to establish a new goal in another area to accomplish.


The first and last sessions are typically held face-to-face in a quite, non-distracting  location. The rest of the series may and can typically be conducted via telephone at a time convenient for the client. This is also flexible and sessions can be held face-to-face or via the telephone.


Throughout the sessions you will have powerful insights and set equally powerful actions to move you forward towards your goal. At the end of the series the we will help you reflect on where you started, insights you had along the way, and what you’ve achieved.


The first session is FREE, as an introduction to see for your self how it works and there is no obligation. You may request a free trial session now by contacting us.




Are Executive Performance Consulting Services For Me?

It is important to distinguish the proper scenarios in which is inappropriate and an alternative solution is indicated. Importantly, Performance Enrichment services are not suitable in situations where an individual is struggling because of an underlying medical condition such as clinical depression or substance abuse, etc. In all such cases, prompt medical treatment should be sought; followed perhaps by residential or other care at a facility where health professionals who specialize and will be in charge of your treatment. If in doubt, seeking appropriate medical advice is always recommended. Obtaining a thorough medical check-up can help identify if the individual is suffering from any physical or mental health problems that may be contributing to their symptoms of stress and anxiety.


Just as equally, for one to embark upon Performance Enrichment services as their solution is not appropriate if one is not yet ready to acknowledge and accept that he or she wants or needs help. As with all services, this work can only be effective with the agreement/cooperation/consent of the client.



Are These Services Confidential?

At Lovejoy & Associates we understand the full impact and the sensitive nature of the services we provide. Therefore, we maintain a strict policy to uphold the confidence of our clientèle within the confines of  lawful boundaries.


Subject to those lawful boundaries, prior client approval shall be solicited before any client data shall be divulged to a third party outside of our organization unless otherwise directed by our client.




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"We have always been the pinnacle of success that our larger competitors are still striving to become.

Serving Clientèle Just Like You Since 1985.™"


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