Lovejoy & Associates, A Professional Consultancy Firm: We have always been the pinnacle of success that our larger competitors are still striving to become. Serving Clientèle Just Like You Since 1985.™

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Like the atom brings an ultimate power and balance within our universe, we help you to bring that same cohesion and flow to your personal and/or business operations. We successfully achieve this by offering individual, business, and governmental agencies management services such as performance/opportunity analysis, executive coaching, and other performance consultancy services and resources -- Things that the "BIG BOY" companies have in-house -- brought to you by us economically and efficiently.



Our focus is Performance. Our consultants are proven leaders in performance enhancement across a wide range of industries and markets. Measured performance starts with strategy and a clear understanding of your performance drivers. We see the big picture and provide the framework that creates the perfect snapshot -- custom built for you -- thus increasing the odds that you will keep striking the bull's-eye in business and in life. We call it simply "Performance-By-Objective."



Who Have We Served?


Lovejoy & Associates has been in business since 1985 serving our clientèle's performance management needs. From doctors, dentists, lawyers, and accountants, -- to -- government agencies, counties, law enforcement, hospitals, and universities, -- especially -- small business, manufacturers, automotive, individuals, etc., -- we are the experts in servicing their and your business performance management needs. We offer a wide variety of quality products and services to businesses, governments, and individuals.


Its all about information and how you use it to increase your "Bottom-Line". We have the experience in assisting you in defining your "Bottom-Line" and how it differs depending upon which sector is being served:



Small & Medium Sized Businesses






Religious Organizations






Why Hire a Consultant?

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Let us act as your performance management consultants, board of directors, or CEO/CFO/CIO. Perhaps, conduct a Performance Opportunity or Business Review Analysis, be your Information Systems Consultant, and/or Business/Project Manager. We can also be your Group, Business, or Personal Performance Coach.


Perhaps it’s leadership training or executive/individual performance management that can take your business to a higher level. Helping businesses, governmental agencies, and people function at peak efficiency, not work harder, is our business. We are your experts!


We're Your "Out of the Box" Thinkers!


We are well-rounded and extremely effective. You pay only for the services and time you use and will not have to bear the costs and overhead associated with hiring and training employees to do the work we love to do each day. When the vast pressures of business and life converge to constrict you into a box, think Lovejoy & Associates.



"We have always been the pinnacle of success that our larger competitors are still striving to become.

Serving Clientèle Just Like You Since 1985.™"


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