Lovejoy & Associates, A Professional Consultancy Firm: We have always been the pinnacle of success that our larger competitors are still striving to become. Serving Clientèle Just Like You Since 1985.™

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Here Are Some of the Advantages Our Firm Has to Offer:

  • Over 30 Years of Business Experience
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Specialists With Various Industries
  • Award Winning Services
  • Flexible & Scalable
  • Extremely Knowledgeable and Resourceful

About Us

We are the one "Texas Proud" firm that you can count on and trust, with the four unique specialties you need working together as one for you. Having your interests always in-mind, it is our firm belief that anyone can conduct an ethical and honest business operation while earning a decent living for themselves at the same time.


Since our humble beginnings in January 1985, we thought that integrity and trust were the keys to our future success. We were right! Today we still believe in these core values, and practice them with every client assignment, every day. These beliefs are what have kept our firm an industry leader over the many years.


Lovejoy & Associates has evolved into a strong and capable firm that provides a defined range of Performance Consultancy services to our clientèle while meeting their Individual, Business and/or Government specific needs. We have been in business consistently performing the same great work for our clientèle longer than most of our larger "branded" competitors. In fact, if one considers emulation as the best form of flattery -- then we at Lovejoy & Associates feel extremely honored that our larger competitors... Well, you can form your own obvious conclusions.


With associates and partnership agreements with other professionals, we proudly announced that Lovejoy & Associates is among the top ranking consultancy firms providing our clientele with global reach for global solutions. Size is not an issue for this firm. We have a maximum scalable flexibility to provide maximum efficiencies all at an extremely reasonable cost to you.


The achievements we have reached so far are an accumulation of our sweat, perseverance, experience, intellect, years of experience and general know-how. The support and relationships form all our business partners vertically, horizontally, and globally, have been the key factors in making us stand steadily on the local and international stage. Most importantly, let us not forget our fine clientele; if not for you Lovejoy & Associates would not exist and for that we are very appreciative.


Client trust and confidence placed with us has been important and we have been steadfastly addressing our clientèle's needs for stability and efficient operations in this volatile world given the very trying times we have all faced (financial & otherwise). We understand how hard it was to earn every dollar you have. To keep up with the rapid innovation and unstable times within our economy, marketplace, and with current technology & information assurance, Lovejoy & Associates continues to update the skills and the technical expertise necessary to continue to deliver the top notch services and products you desire for proper business planning/operations/performance.


Being a premier long-standing member of our business community, we have learned that reliance only upon current or past achievements is not satisfactory. We aim our position in a wider scope as we reach out to give back to our community through public service and volunteerism. And your continuous support and patronage strengthen our confidence to move each step ahead. I personally extend my appreciation to all our clientèle, associates, and partners and humbly seek your continued patronage and support as we move together into the future.













Our Motto:



In order to achieve top efficiency, operations should be computerized and company leadership/management should be systematized. Lovejoy & Associates is also a "people oriented company, sharing its achievements with all who are involved in the business, valuing our clientèle as the essential lifeblood of our success. Please take some time and browse through our site, and feel free to drop us a line anytime. Thank you...





  • Lovejoy & Associates
  • A Professional Consultancy Firm
  • Since 1985
  • We Have Always Been
  • The Pinnacle of Success
  • That Our Larger Competitors
  • Are STILL Striving
  • To Become™...

At Lovejoy & Associates, we have four operating divisions that function together as one:


Business and Government Enrichment Consulting


Executive Performance Coaching


Information Technology


Income Tax Services



The Right Combination of Multiple Disciplines

To Get The Job Done Right For You!



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"We have always been the pinnacle of success that our larger competitors are still striving to become.

Serving Clientèle Just Like You Since 1985.™"


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